Looking for a bus driver training course in Murwillumbah, Tweed Heads and Far North coast of NSW?

We can train you to drive all sorts of buses and coaches and help you get the necessary Bus Driver Authority required by the NSW government.

How to get a bus driver licence in NSW

To drive a bus or coach in NSW you’ll need two things:

    • A driving licence. You’ll need the appropriate driving license for the size of the vehicle. The bus shown in the photo requires a medium rigid licence. A mini bus may be a LR licence, a normal bus is an MR license and a larger coach is a HR license. At Budget Driver Training we can train and licence drivers for all these classes of licence – see TRUCKS page.
    • A Bus Driver Authority. This is an additional driver training course required by RMS for drivers of passenger vehicles.

Bus Driver Authority Training Course

We offer the Bus Driver Authority Training course as a one day course (supported by national organisation: INTO Training). You can take it as an individual or as part of a group.
In order to receive your bus driver accreditation you must meet certain conditions such as being over 20 years old and being in good medical condition.

Course Usually takes one day and costs $300.00. Some prior study of provided materials is involved.

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